Local Shows & Events 2004-05



What a wonderful day in June to hold a BBQ, yeah right. It rained, not as bad as last year though.

As normal I left Thetford in the rain, stopped to apply the hood and then the sun came out.

I went to my fathers to pick up the trailer loaded with his BBQ two gas bottles and table. This gave Debbie the opportunity to drive the Hood the short distance from my folks house to the hall (she would rather drive the hood than a car pulling a trailer and who wouldn’t)

I met mike on the way, he had already been to the hall (eager to help or what)

On his arrival there was a crazy sound? That annoying frog

We had soon arranged the tables inside the hall unloaded the trailer and erected the gazebo.

We were soon to be joined by most of the others members attending. I started cooking and the others started the party games, courtesy of Andy for the lawn darts or whatever their called. And the basket ball court.

My son Danny was please to have won the lawn darts.

After the arrival of Yvonne and peter we sat down to eat, however it wasn’t them that held us up but the time taken to cook the food. (I’m very slow).

After a hearty feast it was time to clear up and say our good byes until next week when we meet again at Diss.

I would like to thanks to those that supported the event, and for helping clear up at the end.

Sorry to those that couldn’t make it because of other commitments.

Debbie for all the work she has put in this week and my Dad for the loan of his BBQ and trailer.

I hope you all got home without getting wet. My hood came off to be put back on and then off again.

Coast Run

First the fears,

I had been re-spraying some of my wheels since last Saturday and was having various

problems that made me think I wouldn’t have them finished in time and therefore I was

going to cadge a lift. However they were finished in the nick of time yesterday.

Bob had similar fears when he popped down to his local petrol station last night and his

lights decided to stop working. He therefore went home and repaired the fault.

After arriving at the meeting point I was soon joined by Bob, Yvonne and Peter.

Then came along Ros and Gary in a tin top (shame on you).  We won't being coming

the weather doesn’t look to good and we don’t have a hood yet”


At this point I had an interesting chat with a chap from Norwich who presently owns a

Dodge viper replica and is in the process of building a Luego velocity with a 2.9 Granada


He run a business taking cars around the country and would be willing to take his transporter

to any track days to bring home any sick cars. He also tried to sell me a donor car Granada

2.9 rear disks and LSD etc.


We received a call from Andy “Mark's exhaust has broken we will proceed to the meeting

point but will need to repair it when we get there”

We were also joined by Gary’s friend in a yellow Robin Hood (unfortunately he wasn’t

able to come on the coast run)

On Andy and Mark's arrival we went to Gary’s to repair the exhaust. Mark had made

a alloy insert to join the two pipes and most of this had melted and found its way out of

the exhaust also burning the rear wing.


Mark's friends Robin Hood

Thanks to Gary for the loan of his workshop and help and thanks to Ros for the teas

and coffees.

This had added an hour to our leaving time.

But we managed to pursued Ros and Gary to join us.

Gary's street Sunday morning


On the way to Hunstanton Gary’s 2B let out one large amount of smoke to everyone’s

amusement. (Smokin).

We eventually all meet up at the Golden lion hotel. While deciding where to park, the

rear car park was un-locked for us.


The time being 11.45 we decided to eat at the hotel (Very nice meal at a sensible price).

Peter retired to home at this point having a problem with his alternator.


Our next stop was at Langham glass works after a few more smoke screens.

The entry price to the glass works was a bit much at £3.95 each. I tried the, we are a

group of seven routine how much cheaper etc to no avail.

The visit was very interesting though. http://www.langhamglass.co.uk/tour.php

Deb had set her heart on a goose and cat until she saw the price in the shop £32 each.

Our final leg was back to Bob’s for a drink and biscuits these were the best roads of the

day. Poor Gary’s car was smoking more than ever and they think that one of the rings was

ejected out of the exhaust.


Thanks to Bernie for the drinks and biscuits.

A very big Thanks to Bob for arranging such an enjoyable day out for us.

Brilliant driving roads.

Those present

Debbie & Martin Pidd 2B, Bob Rowell S7, Mark Humphries & Andy Petrie S7, Yvonne & Peter Blackmore 2B; Ros & Gary Staff.


Sue & Roy Thomas 2B, Gerry kemp 2B, Martin Salisbury S7, Derek Overfield 2B,

Kimbolton Castle Classic Car Show

I haven’t got a lot to say only that the day was a great success.

We had an almost equal attendance between the SG7 members and us.

The sun shined and the cars were there in abundance.

We had an excellence BBQ finely cooked (eventually) by Andy, Mike and Mark.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions towards the BBQ.

It was nice to meet John Cobbe from Sawtry, Marilyn & Derek from Melton Mowbray and Graham'’s better half Rita.

Thanks to Bob for a lot of these Photos.

Norfolk Police Gala Day

Thanks again for an excellent turn out,

A great day out, as in previous years too many cars to look at and the sun

Shone all day. This gave us time to relax under the gazebo and have a chat.

I did a BBQ which seem to go down well. There was a lot of interest in the

cars and I had a couple of chats with men that are seriously thinking of

building Robin Hoods in the future.

I would like to thank Roz and Gary for bringing the Gazebo, BBQ and

charcoal, Loraine and Mike for the Tea, Coffee and milk, Also Tracy

and Martin for bringing the water and kettle.

See you all next week.


Stonham Barns

Stonham Barns country day


Brilliant is the only way to sum up the day.

I had asked for good weather and was granted my request for a change.


As planned I arrived at the 1st meeting point (Shell garage A1120) at 08.40 to find Linda & Andy, Rod & his daughter Jodie already there. Soon we were joined by Lorraine & Mike.

09.10 We left the garage and headed to the venue Stonham Barns to find the others waiting stating something about me being late as normal.


The country show was a bigger and better show than last year, as the title; suggest it is mainly a country show with lots of animals present. Dogs, grey hounds, harrier hounds, sheep dogs rounding up ducks and then sheep. Horses. Shire & Suffolk punches.

Rare breed Sheep, Cows, Goats, and ferrets racing, also falcons.


There were about 30 classic and vintage cars, 2 other kit cars other than ours A Spartan TF and another (I can’t think of the name, but I‘ve never heard of them before).

There were several tractors, funfair, 80 craft stall holders and several other stalls selling food, clothes pet food etc.

We did the normal thing sit around chatting and did a tour of the site one member even took a nap.

Most of us left the site at 4pm, apart from Sue & Roy who were no where to be found.

(Sorry to have left you guys without a good bye)


Thanks to all attended and made the day what it was. Especially to Rod & his daughter all the way from Brentwood Essex


See you all soon at Stoneleigh or at Diss.





Swaffham Fun Day

After the meet at Diss seven of us set off for the Swaffham fun day.

Swaffham being just 34 miles from Diss you would think not a lot could go wrong.

We started off from the park hotel none of us with hoods fitted apart from mike. There was a dark cloud when we left but this had been the normal and no rain had come of it so off we set. About five miles from Diss there was a bit of rain, but not enough to worry us so we continued.

A couple of miles further and it turned to much heavier rain and hale, rain I can take but not hale (driving at seventy with your eyes closed is not good)

I pulled over into a large lay-by to fit my hood, and the others followed apart from Peter who couldn’t fit.

After fitting the hood and getting soaked into the bargain we set off again.

A couple of miles down the road I passed Pete fitting his hood, knowing that Pete knew the way (he lives just five mile from the event) I just continued. Others not knowing this stopped with him.

I soon found that I couldn’t see anyone in my mirrors apart from Andy I pulled over again.

After a couple of minutes Mike and Gerry passed , and off we set again, soon to reach Thetford .At this stage Andy decided he had had enough and headed back to Bury.

I know how he felt even more so as I passed within feet of my home.

Soon after Thetford the hale and rain stopped and the sun came back out.

We eventually arrived at Swaffham and the event.

I was asked to supply the club details and was presented with commemorative plagues

It was a good show with plenty to see and do but in true hoodie style we just walked a round and had a chat and admired the cars present and indulged in a free, yes free cup of tea.

We were pointed in the direction of another Robin Hood by Mike's Dad, Hue. This  turned out to be Andrew Tigue and his Sub K.

The sun stayed out for the couple of hours that we stayed. But started to rain again on the way home.


Coast Run

Take seven hoods, seven drivers, four passengers, Sunny weather, some of Norfolk’s best driving roads, a pub lunch and a museum visit and you have the perfect recipe for a great day out.


Bob Rowell had so kindly organised this event for us planning the route on roads that he knows so well.


The day started at the Sainsbury’s store at Norwich.

We left the store for the first leg of our journey firstly on dual carriageway and then to country roads that got narrower and more and more bendy as we got closer to our destination. This leg was made all the more interesting by the motor cycles that seemed to be everywhere.

The most interesting was the Triumph rocket three that passed us and then waited for some of his party and then passed us again, terrific sound and acceleration.


We arrive at our destination the Royal Oak pub, wells next to the sea and pulled into there car park five cars in a row Gerry’s and mine parked alone. Gerry was approached by one of the hostile staff “This is a pub car park you can’t park here” “not even if we’re going to visit your pub” was his reply. “Oh” she said as she disappeared.


We tried to enter the Royal Oak but it was 11.30 and opening time was 12.00 so it was time to take look at the unimpressive car boot sale and then take a walk down to the quay side. We went back to the pub for an excellent meal at a sensible price.


The next leg of our journey was to take us along the coast road from wells to Weybourne. A bit of a slow drive due to the large amount of traffic and the villages along the way with streets only wide enough for one way traffic. Tracy Salisbury enjoyed herself more than most she was given the opportunity to drive Bob’s S7 on this leg.


We soon arrived at our next destination, The Muckleburgh Collection at Weybourne camp. This is the largest military museum in Norfolk. At this point Sue, Roy, Tracy and Martin were to leave us for their journey home.

We all had a look around after negotiating the entry cost down from £5.50 to £ 4.50 each. We then stopped for refreshments.


The final leg was to take us from the museum to bob’s house in Easton over some of the best roads of the day.

This leg took us though a few villages and a town where the on lookers took great interest in our passing through.

We even had a Porsche following us for quite a long time, I kept thinking he had turned off but then He would appear again. I guess we were losing him on the winding bends and round a bouts but he had the advantage on the straights.

We arrive at Bob’s to participate in refreshment’s and to meet Bernie (Bob’s Wife).


All in all a great day was had by all.





Number of kits present. 7