Local Shows & Events 2006-07


Kimbolton Country Fayre

Kimbolton classic car show and charity event organized by the Sporting

Bears Motor Club


Eight members of the club attended the show at Kimbolton castle.  Five cars left

Newmarket services at 08.40.

We arrived at the show at 09.30 and had to wait in a queue before getting in.

As normal we joined the SG7 kit car group and were made to feel more than welcome.

We had a total of 15 cars between the two groups.

The show had several car clubs in attendance ranging from vintage to modern sports.

There were also a few other kit car groups present.

The East Anglian Tiger owners, Dax owners, Westfield owners and Ultima owners.

We had a great day out talking and viewing the many cars and the weather was far to us

until 15.30.

At this time it started to rain and a mad rush to cover the cars or push them under a

gazebo started.

The rain became increasingly worse and became a thunder storm, after about an hour

it blow over and we made our move home.

This was not without incident, in normal style I missed a turning and ended up on the

wrong road however we soon found ourselves on the correct one and on our way home.

Thanks to those that attended. I hope you enjoyed it as I did.

Norfolk Police Gala Day

This year is our fifth.

I had worried that we would have a poor turn out this year, Mike and Andy had a

track day to attend and with only five cars last year and two of them being theirs,

it looked bad.


However after I sent out an e mail I got several members contact me to saying

they would like to attend. The number soon rose to nine cars. On the day we

ended up with an impressive eight cars.


The day started off at the travel Inn and the normal chat followed by a convoy

the short distance the entrance gate. We soon got split up due to the congestion

around the show ground. Especially Neil and Brenda because I had left the

Travel Inn before they had entered their car. (Sorry)

Next year I plan to use an

alternative meeting place that will hopefully prevent this re-occurring.

We soon found our pitch without the normal drive around the whole site.


The show as normal was very impressive with a massive turn out of classics

etc. During the day we had a lot of interest in our cars with two to my

knowledge really interested in building Robin Hoods.

We also had visits from Steve Caley and his wife, and I’m told Gerry Cole

(Sorry I missed you Gerry).

Yvonne Blackmore also came and said hello, it was nice to see her again and

hear that Peter’s Son, Simon is enjoying driving the 2B.

Hopefully Simon will become active in the club.


I left the show ground at about 4. 40pm from the gate we normally exit from, only

to be prevented by a policeman from turning left and had to queue in traffic for half

an hour before I could get a move on home.

Those present


Richard Strike Luego Velocity XT

Neil Brown S7

Fran & Stef Zbrozek 2B

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Maria & Paul Taylor 2B

Bob Rowell 2B

Nigel Farrow & Ros 2B

Chris Shackle & Dad S7


Also at show

Steve Caley

Gerry Cole



Mike Shearing

Andy Petrie

Roy Thomas

The Great Whelnetham Show

Another great day out.

Five cars with nine members meet up at Bury and travelled together to the show some

five miles away. The journey was not without incident however.

I had been playing with my tuning again and had got it wrong, I would say slightly

but I think it to be more massively. As soon as we left Bury my car started to cough and

splutter and I was informed that flames were seen coming from the exhaust and wrapping

themselves around my rear wing and down the rear panel. I reverted to a previous map

and all was well for the rest of the day.

We arrived at the show in good time and each car was photographed on entry.

The day progressed in the normal fashion talking drinking and looking at the cars on show.

We entered a team into the tug of war and fortunately for me and Andy the teams only

consisted of teams of four. It was good to see our team go through all the rounds and

Win the final.

Well-done Stef, Fran, Paul and Mike.

Later in the day we were given the option to drive our cars around the arena.

A first for me.

We finally left at 16.30 for a great trip home.

I got much burnt will wear sun cream next year.


Kimbolton Country Fayre

Kit Parts Open Day

I had a great couple of hours at the kit parts site as I'm sure the others that attended did.

 There was a lot to look at and always someone to talk to.

A Robin Hood 3A being finished for a chap in his eighties. I was asked if the club could help with some SVA advise at that time.

I suggested that a few of us could take a convoy trip over to the site after one of our

Diss meetings to advise them.

 RS200 replica.This is being built in house very slow process.

Mk3 Cortina owned by Jim Cameroon

Bike engined Stuart Taylor 7 also owned by Jim Cameroon.

A second General Lee is being planned at the moment using the body from a two door

Mk3 Cortina and the running gear from a Ford Thunderbird.

Jim is in the RAF and is organising some track time on RAF Honington for those interested.

Jim in action at Camden Park

 Toniq R.

This is in the workshop to be prepared for SVA

The following are in the next door workshop owned by Simon a very keen Opel manta owner.

Pilgrim Sumo.

Having the rear chassis changed to allow some very wide wheels/tyres to fit under the standard rear wings.

This Mk3 Cortina was bought in to have a very nice 5 Ltr V8 fitted.

Although from the outside the car was immaculate is was soon found to need

a lot more work than expected.

Manta A and its engine.Really only the shell of the Manta It has a purpose built chassis with independent suspension on all four corners.

Manta boot area.
This is the engine that is to be fitted into the Cortina

Norfolk Police Gala Day

Thank you to those that attended it was very much appreciated.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as Debbie & I did.


It was nice to finally meet Richard Strike, Toad & Terry Wright.


Also good to see Roy Thomas and Paul Taylor again

(Congratulations on getting a first time pass at SVA last week)


Although a small number of Easthoods cars on show it was an excellent display

With some variety (Westfield SE, Luego Viento, Robin Hood 2B, Luego Velocity

And Robin Hood S7)


A big thank you to Bob and Richard for the pictures.

Stonham Barns

A few of us made our way to Stonham Barns to the Mid Suffolk show. Those that attended had a good chat

Amongst like minded people but the show was a dead loss really and bloody cold to say the least.

A big thanks to Peter Blackmore who picked me up from home and took me to the show in his 2B.

Those that attended.

Paul Thomas Robin Hood 2B

Peter Blackmore & Piddy Robin Hood 2B

Andy Petrie & Michaela Westfield SE


Gerry Kemp Robin Hood 2B

Martin Salisbury Robin Hood S7