Local Events & Shows 2008

Great Whelnetham Show

Eleven of us in 7 Kit cars meet in Vintens car park and then headed off to the show.


We were later joined by Peter Tamblyn in his very nice Tiger Super Cat.


It was great to meet Peter and welcome him to the club for the first time.


We were also visited by a Merlin owner that says he will be visiting the club in the future.

The show wasn't as good as last year due to a dispute between the organizers

and a club, that had done some of the organizing for last year’s show consequently

There was a lack of cars present but still a far number.

After the show a few of us ventured to the Bury Retro ford clubs event,

Cars on the Green. Although we arrived late it was still worth the visit

I'm sure it will be on our events calendar for next year.

Meeting at Vintens

At the show

Helmingham Hall

I wasn’t able to attend the show  this year; however Paul has kindly shared these pictures he took at the show.

Kimbolton Country Fayre

As previous years we joined the SG7 kit car group.

We were also joined this year by members of RHOCAR from Northamptonshire, Beds & Bucks, East Anglian and Herts.

Also some Locost builder’s members joined us.

This created a good turnout of cars to our pitch (29 someone told me)

Those present;

East Anglian Kit Car Club members

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell & Nicola Taylor Robin Hood 2B

David (Flak monkey) & Sarah GTS Panther

Andy Petrie & Michaela Westfield

Mike Shearing Luego Viento V8

Gary Renouf Mercedes CLK

Peter & Linda Kelleher Luego Velocity XT

Becky & Peter Percival Luego Viento V8

Others present on our pitch included;

Chris Brown; Stephen & Lesley; Glyn Rust; Alan Rowe & Pauline; ; Mike Bloomfield; John Hamilton-Smith; Stephen King; ; Ian & Jill Millar, ; Peter & Linda kelleher; ; Graham Coles; Dan; Dave Rose; Paul Carter; Trevor; Gav & Kev; brief visit by Nigel Cady; Helen; John & Abby, and finally Kev. 

Mildenhall Car Show

Difficult for me to write a report on this one, I wasn’t there. However I have received

Some write ups from those that were. I have therefore written a report using these and added a section at the bottom with some of the comments I received.


The Day started sunny when everyone had left but was cloudy by the time we all met at Barton Mills Little Chef

Firstly, Margarita who was organising the show was lovely, well organised and efficient.  Entering the base was straight forward - a quick check of ID, On arrival each driver was given a welcome pack -  printed personal certificate of attendance; little metal "Mildenhall car show 2008" plate for the car, and identity 'participant' necklace to wear, and a voting slip. And then we were escorted quite a distance to the car park, which was the venue for the show.

Each of us had been pre-allocated a numbered parking spot, fairly close together, so that was ok EXCEPT they hadn't thought of a plan to cover vehicles not turning up, so several empty places, which looked a bit amateurish.

There was a total of 37 vehicles in the show, covering quite a broad spectrum  these included a Morris Minor, 1920s Model T; Honda Insight (petrol/electric hybrid); 4 minis , 2 mustangs; about 5 corvettes ; about 5 TVRs (3 different models); Nissan Skyline, Ferrari 360, Ferrari Dino replica, Plus of course several other American cars. Most of the cars were obviously for showing: - great paintwork, carefully squeegees by owners after the brief shower we had.


The main problem with this event was that we were confined to the car park and, one building at the end containing a coffee shop. And there were 4 car boot sellers that would only accept dollars.

Last year you could go anywhere (taco bell, subway, etc) and were even given a half price meal voucher, goodie bag, raffle tickets for every hour.

With so few cars to look at we went round them all again and again and again. It was a very long and boring six hours. So much so that when we were cleared to leave at 3pm, we went rather rapidly. , last year they had quad bikes as escorts and you could leave when you wanted.


The competitions -each for a big cup- were for 'best under hood' 'best paint job' ' best interior' & best in show, the prize giving was a bit of a let down.  I didn't honestly expect any of our members to win a trophy - after all the Americans are masters at producing show cars.  But the award for best interior went to the owner of a new, factory finished TVR.  Best engine bay went to a new Corvette - again as it left the factory.  The other two prizes were ones we all agreed on - best paint to a mini with a rather unusual, and dramatic, paint job that had what looked like a random black crackle finish on a red base - apparently done using Clingfilm. His prize was well justified.  The final, and biggest, prize was for best in show.  This was won by the owner of a superb '66 Boss Mustang Mach 1.  Beautifully prepared, sparkling from every angle, a very worthy winner.

It rained (just a small shower) while we were at the show, (just the one but was quite gusty rest of the time). Then it pissed it down most of the way home.  Steve has no hood on his car, and was getting a bit wet, then things got worse and his wiper blade decided to leave his car, and try to attach itself to Bobs, All at 65 mph! Fran also found part of his passenger side wiper missing and had to remove the remainder of it while he travelled home in heavy rain.

 Some comments.

The company was good but the show was pants.

There was a BBQ but that was nothing special,

I will not be revisiting.

We have been invited back next year, but I think I will decline.

The show was not too bad.

To be honest I think the base could have tried a bit harder.

All in all brad and myself had a good time.

'Starbucks' which accepted English money, and gave change in dollars.

Those present.

Bob Rowell & Nicola Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Fran & Stefan Zbrozec Robin Hood 2B

Steve & Bradley Nichols Westfield

Roy & Sue Thomas Austin 10/4 Rod

Graham & Rita Dockerill Robin Hood 2B

Norfolk Gala Day

I would like to thank those that attended the show this year this is our best attendance so far, each year we get another couple of cars.

However things could have been a lot better originally I ask for names of those that wished to attend this year and was very pleased to collect fifteen names. Obviously I have to collect names early (By the end of March) and then apply for tickets; I applied for fifteen tickets and received them. Then I was asked by a further four members if they could attend the show. I had to say no but if I can obtain any more tickets I will let you know. I asked for more tickets from the organizer two weeks before the show and was told yes, no problem, a week later I still hadn’t received the extra tickets so contacted him again. He apologized and said he would send them. They never arrived so the four members didn’t get to go. The day before the show I was informed by two members that they were unable to attend. This is always a disappointment when someone says they can’t attend, but much appreciated they let me know (Common courtesy I would say) and at least I know.

On the day of the show I was informed of another member not attending via a member (at least I got to know and we didn’t end up waiting for them) and then another member that just didn’t turn up. I know that it’s not always possible but if I had had more warning those four tickets could have gone to the others members that wanted to go.


Anyway the show was up to its normal great standard with loads of cars and car clubs present and various other attractions going on in the main arena and around the show ground. The new meeting place at Bawburgh was a great success, and gained us a direct entrance into the show without having to queue (I do however wonder if it’s a good idea parking 10 or more of these cars outside a row of houses at 08.00 on a Sunday morning) we had a lot of interest in our cars and the club most of the flyers were taken. I have so far received one new member, hopefully more will follow.

The weather for the show was just great, maybe too hot at times. I’m glad to hear that some of you were home before the rain arrived. Nigel and I were not so lucky. On the way home I saw the thunder cloud in the distance and stopped to fit my roof. And then the sky seemed to clear again, then the rain started. This was not a very nice experience the rain was so heavy I couldn’t really see a thing apart from the rear lights of the tin top in front, which I relied on for a few miles until I could pull off the road I just happened to pull off at the same point as Nigel. After a chat and the rain stopping we set off again safely arriving home.

Who said risk assessments are a waste of time?

Luckily it's a fake wound this time.

Those present

Kits (11)

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell & Nicola Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Mike Shearing Luego Viento V8

Andy Petrie & Michaela Westfield

Sue & Roy Thomas Austin 10/4 Rod

Nigel Farrow & Ros Robin Hood 2B

Derek & Marilyn Overfield Robin Hood 2B

Peter Tamblyn & family Tiger Supercat

Richard Strike & family Luego Velocity XT

Fran & Stefan Zbrozec Robin Hood 2B


Neil Brown S7

David (Flak monkey) & Sarah GTS Panther

Graham Dockerill Robin Hood 2B

SG7 Camping

9 of us from this club in six kit cars joined several members of the SG7 kit car club for a weekend of sheer fun.

We went camping at East Runton, near Cromer.

Most of us arrived early Friday evening and erected our tents on the wide open plan of the camp site.

Once this task was done it was time for a beer and a BBQ and a good old chat. Some participated in a game of football.

We were joined in the evening by Paul, Maria and Nicola; unfortunately they had to work on Saturday so couldn’t stay.

As the night became longer the temperature dropped until it was a bit cold.

Saturday morning we were rudely awaken by the local crows some of them thought it a good idea to have a fight, only thing is they were fighting there own reflections on the sides of some of our cars.

After breakfast it was off to visit the Weybourne military Museum, a great drive there on some of the local roads (great fun)

We then had another great drive to the Red Hart pub for a pre booked lunch .At this point we were joined by Andy and Michaela unfortunately in their tin top (It had been raining heavy in the Stowmarket area before they left) The red Hart can be recommended very nice food and the members of staff are very pleasant.

After lunch we had a drive to Blakeney and then on to Cromer. We parked are cars on the cliff top car

We took a stroll around Cromer and had a cup of tea before heading back to the camp site.


Andy and I did a chip run, on our return we all sat and eat  in the comfort of the two gazebos however the temperature was very cold indeed and as the evening progressed it became even colder we tried various ways to warm it up, Disposable barbecues, blankets and more gazebo walls but all failed. It would seem that most slept with their clothes on that night.

Sunday had nothing arranged. So it was just a case of breakfast, take down the tents and gazebo and then head off home, of course in lovely sunshine.

Those Present

Kits (13)



SG7 Kit Car Club


John & Helen Tween Westfield & Robin Hood

Richard & Caroline Sumner Robin hood

John Hamilton-Smith   NG

Bob & Sheila Plastow   Tin Top

 Bob & Carol Howes     Sherpley

Cedric & Lorraine Morgan Banham Sprite

 Stephen Altwasser Robin Hood


East Anglian kit car club


Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Steve & Bradley Nichol Westfield SE

Sue & Roy Thomas Dooster

David Dickerson GTS Panther

Mike & Loraine Shearing Luego viento V8

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood


Tin tops (2)

Paul, Maria Nicola Taylor

Andy Petrie & Michaela


Shipdham Airfield Open Day

We as a club were invited by John Waterman (One of our Members) to attend an open day at the Shipdham airfield. John has owned a Robin Hood for several years but is also involved in flying in a big way.

John successfully passed his flying training a few years ago and has helped build an aircraft; he presently owns a Cessna aircraft.

Four of us meet at Dereham and travelled the short distance together to the airfield. On arrival there were a few things to do and look at; my favourite of these was the museum remembering the 44th bomb group. Other attractions included Helicopter rides, Air Ambulance, WW2 Vehicles, Our Kit Cars and a Climbing Wall. We were soon joined by Bruce Sydall in his lovely old Westfield. Next to join us was Peter Tamblyn in his Tiger Supercat and lastly Paul Spurgeon in his supremely finished Westfield this swelled our numbers to seven.


At 1.30 the air show started with Ken Wallis flying one of his auto gyros.

We were then treated to two hours of flying. Displays were given by the following.
RV8, Cassutt Racers,Yak52 & Seething Flying Circus

Plus some others.

Those present.

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Richard Strike & family Luego Velocity XT

Andy Petrie and Michaela Westfield

Stuart & Beryl Davey

Bruce Sydall Westfield

Peter Tamblyn Tiger super cat

Paul Spurgeon Westfield