Local Events & Shows 2009

Boys & Their Toys (Cambridge Rugby Club)

We as a club were invited to attend an event at the Cambridge Rugby club; this event was to promote the awareness of prostate cancer. The idea was to display an arrangement of Cars and bikes both sports and classic as well as jet skis as well as any other boys toys.

As the day panned out there was our six kit cars, a Morgan, a Triumph TR4, a American pickup a few other modern cars mainly being sold by main dealerships and a model aeroplane display, one of these actually did an aerial display and very good it was.


We were asked to be there by 12 which we were. Nothing really happened until 1.30 when the junior teams held a game of ruby. It was then another wait until the adult teams had their game.

Although this write up makes it all seem a bit boring it was actually a very good day, we entertained ourselves most of the time, with a bit of help from the EMG sales person.


The Rugby was also very entertaining; I’ve played before but have never gone and watched a game. The final result was Cambridge 68 Blackheath 14.

Those present

Kits (6) 

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Andy Petrie Westfield

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Bob Rowell Robin Hood 2B

Dominic Eaves & Dave Westfield

Coast Run

On the day we had 12 cars come out and play. We had had 6 that had cancelled and 3 that just didn’t turn up.

I would like to say a big thank you to Bob for his organization of the event. He picked some great roads for us to travel on and a great pub for us to eat.


We started the day with ten cars. The morning run was good we all managed to stay together for most of the time, apart from me that is. I got separated at a round-a bout and ended up behind a slow moving car on a busy run with lots of bends and no opportunity for me to overtake.

I stopped and check the map and continued until meeting the others at Blickling Hall (From the wrong direction apparently)

At this point Richard Mann decided to leave us and head for home.

We headed for the pub for lunch and we were joined by Sue, Roy, Emma & Dan.

Roy and Sue had been staying in Wells and had travelled to meet us. Emma and Dan had arrived a bit late at the original meeting point and had been chasing our tails ever since.

After a nice meal and a drink we headed off for the afternoon run. This was a bit more eventful. I was sure that we had lost four cars just getting out of Aylsham but then I caught sight of them in my mirror. But when we were almost at Acle we pulled over to wait for these four, eventually they caught us up and off we set again. Steve and Beth headed Home and Roy and Sue went on presumably they went home also. The remainder of us had a stop at Acle petrol station some to fill up and others use their toilet, before continuing on with the journey, we arrived at the final meeting point all present apart from Andy, Michaela, Paul and Sue.


All in all a great day

Sainsbury's at the start
Blickling hall
At the Unicorn pub
Tesco end of the day

Those present:

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Mike Shearing Luego Viento V8

Bob Rowell Robin hood 2B

Sue & Roy Thomas Dooster

Paul & Sue Spurgeon Westfield

Dave Watson Westfield

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Dan & Emma Robertson Luego locost

Steve & Beth Nichols Westfield

Andy & Michaela Westfield

Richard Mann & partner Westfield

Helmingham hall

I wasn’t able to attend the show again this year; however Paul has kindly given me 126 pictures he took at the show. I have loaded all of these into the photo gallery

Kimbolton Country Fayre

Thanks to those that attended today. We had a good drive to the show. It started to rain close to the show so we stopped and fitted our Hoods/ Surrey’s etc.

We had bouts of rain all day some worse than others. The return journey was wet all the way home including some very heavy rain at times.

Thanks to Bob for bringing a pop up gazebo this made things a lot better.

Despite the weather there was a good turnout of cars unfortunately I didn’t get a round and see all of them this year, but did manage, to see some very nice cars.

We had 19 cars in our stand cars from our club SG7, Northamptonshire & Beds and Bucks RHOCaR.



Shows in the main area included: a sheep dog display, Shire horses, the Oakley hunt, North bucks beagle pack, the pacesetters dog Agility & obedience display and classic cars.

There was also a second area with Punch& Judy, Skipping and 1940’s, Irish and Morris dancing. How are you supposed to see all of this in one day?


There was also Stalls selling Camping equipment, Food, sweets, peg bags, fishing equipment, and various others. Fairground rides for the kids. And several stalls doing tom bola type draws for charity.

The only real downside was the Lancaster bomber didn’t come over this year as planned, due to the weather I guess.

As I’ve said before this is one of the best shows in this area and well worth the drive to get there. Keep an eye on the calendar for next year’s date.

Knebworth Park

Thank you to all of you that attended today, it’s you that makes these days out worthwhile.

The day started off just fine with nice sunny weather and everyone being at the designated meeting places at the correct time. This of course gave us a good head start; unfortunately this was spoilt slightly by me thinking I knew the route enough to just drive there. Wrong.

Oh well we did get there in the end and we had a drive around some very nice roads along the way.

The sun soon disappeared and the clouds arrived I soon wished I hadn’t worn shorts. Maybe if I hadn’t the sun would have shined all day.

We enjoyed a good journey home (the correct route)

We attended as Guesses of the SG7 Kit car club.

They had seven cars present. So it was a good meeting for both clubs to get to know each other, and have a chat.

Members present: Helen, John, Glyn, Stephan, Lesley, Jed, Lorraine, Bob plus a Westfield and Robin Hood driver I didn't know.

EAKCC Members Present


Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Mike & Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento V8

Bob Rowell Robin Hood 2B

Alan & Steven Bell MEV Rocket

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Andy Petrie, Michaela Westfield

Nigel Farrow & Ros Robin Hood 2B

Chris Clarke Mini Marcos

Norfolk Gala Day

Thank you all for attending today

I had a great day I hope you did.

It was a shame that so many had to pull out of the event.

The meeting point was found by everyone and all were on time apart from Dominic and Katie. It was unfortunate that Katie’s Beetle had a Starting problem that caused them a delay, this however did me a favour I had a run to the gate to deliver there ticket. Katie a friend of Dominic’s had asked if she could join us in her beetle, she had never showed her car at a show before.


I must say I think the weather for a change was almost perfect, in the past I have had to use my wipers and lights going to the event due to fog, it’s been too hot to walk around and it’s rained very heavy returning home after the last two shows.

This year is was cloudy to start with staying cloudy most of the day with sunny intervals; this kept the temperature just right.


After arriving at the show there was a bit of confusion finding our allocated location this was due to the fact that the Piston heads had decided to set up there, after talking to them and finding out that there spot had been occupied by another club and there’s by another we found an empty spot in the same block and set up there (probably a better spot as well to be honest)


It was nice to see three families join us today, wives and children are more than welcome at our events, and I just wish mine would join me occasionally.

It was most of ours chance to meet Kazia, Nicky Taylor's cute baby. And Jules Nicky's Boyfriend.


We had a lot of interest from five kit car owners and I’ve got there e mail address’s which I have added to the mailing list, it always seems a shame to me when I meet people at these shows that have left a classic or kit car at home, not only would they have gained access to the show for a fraction of the price but they would have had a far better drive to and from the show (With this year’s weather anyway)


And I almost forgot it was nice to see Steve Caley and his wife. Come on, get that car finished Steve

Those present

Kits (11)

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Mike Shearing Luego Viento V8

Neil & Brenda Brown Robin Hood S7

Dominic Eaves & Dave Tomlin Westfield

Scott Hurkett Westfield

Matt Tansley Westfield

Chris Clarke Mini Marcos

Dan Robertson Locost

Richard Strike Luego Velocity Xt

Nigel Farrow and Ros Robin Hood 2B

Others (1)

Katie Walker & Paul VW Beetle

Tin tops (1)

Jules, Maria, Nicky & Kezia Taylor

The Strike family

The Hurkett family

SG7 Camping

The now annual SG7 Camping trip for 2009 was planned to take place on the 16/17/18 May at Dunwich Suffolk.

Initially we had a good response with 11 of our members asking to attend. As time passed by some of these members decided to pull out for one reason or another,

But we still had seven of us camp and three came along to enjoy the fun on Saturday.


I couldn’t attend on Friday due to work commitments, but I understand that most arrived late afternoon early evening and then participated in a BBQ a chat and drinks.

The weather in the area Friday was very pleasant.


I left home Saturday morning in damp conditions, but not to bad. After 25 miles the sky got darker and darker until it was time for it to rain on me, I pulled over fitted the roof and continued my journey. I arrived at the camp site at 10.30 .I’m glad I had my Sat Nav with me. (I may have arrived at 12 otherwise) At the reception I was shown the location of the other group member’s tents and given the choice of two pitches for my tent, one of these was already taken by Paul and Maria the other vacant. I was informed that I should erect my tent in the centre of a largish green. (Which didn’t appeal much) this instruction was given by the site warden on Friday. I saw the other pitch I had been given the choice of, and proceeded to erect my tent there. I was informed that another couple of our group had been asked to move their tent from this pitch on the Friday.

Not long after I arrive Steve & Beth Nichols and Dominic arrived, just to stay the day.

After a chat, at 12 a group of us left in cars for Dunwich, Roy and Sue left by foot to meet us there.

We had a nice fish lunch and then visited the museum. I found this very interesting especially the parts devoted to the wasting away of the coastline.

From here it was an excellent drive to Aldeburgh; I’m still amazed after all these years to see the faces of the public as we pass in convoy.

John found a good place for us to park and the cameras came out in force (Apart from mine I had left it in my bag back in the tent) we took a walk along the front and shops and back

Then it was another excellent drive back to the campsite.


Once back at the campsite I was approached by the Camp warden, demanding if I had booked in and why I had erected my tent where I had. After telling him the receptionist had given me that pitch and showing him the map she had marked for me, he left, a bit irritated


As arranged most of us went for a lovely walk towards Sizewell and back along the beach, arriving back ready for supper.

I decided I was going to the pub onsite for a bite to eat (most had another BBQ) I was joined in the pub by Mike; we had a good chat, a meal and a couple of beers. I can recommend the steak, mushroom and onion baguettes.

We then went back to join the others. The night was very pleasant, not too cold and there was plenty of banter and drinks.


Some say they were cold during the night but I was very comfortable and warm after deciding to take two sleeping bags and putting one inside the other.

I was awoken at 04.30 by heavy rain, this rain continued on and off until about 09.00


After breakfast I made my way home, leaving in lovely weather, but soon found myself in very heavy rain that continued until I arrived home.


This was an excellent weekend; I wish I had been able to attend both days. The camp site was also very nice with great facilities.


I would like to say a big thanks to Helen and John for their arranging and all of the others there for helping to make it such a great weekend.

Thanks to all of you that have supplied me with the photos you see here

Those present:

Bob & Sheila Plastow - tintop

Bob & Carol Howes - Sherpley

John & Yvonne Hamilton-Smith + Meg - motorhome

Martin Pidd - Luego

Roy & Sue Thomas – Dooster, Hot Rod

Richard & Caroline – Jago Jeep

Mike Montague – motorcycle

Mike Brain + Merlinne (his dog)  – Merc

Paul, Maria & Nicky Taylor – Robin Hood

John & Helen  + Charlie  - Westfield & tintop

Steve & Beth Nichols -Westfield

Dominic -  Westfield

Wings,Wheels and Steam

On Sunday eight of us went to Rougham airfield, wheels, wings and Steam event.

Paul T, Paul B and I meet at Thetford Tesco for 08.00 and then set off to Bury to meet the others.

All present and correct by 09.00 so off we set on the short blast to the show.


I know a few of us expected the show to be ok but no big deal, but we were pleasantly surprised at how big the show was. Of course the weather has a big influence in how good these shows are and the weather was great.

Attractions included cars of all sorts, Aircraft of all sorts, Steam engines, various stalls and promotional displays.


I talked to a Robin Hood owner from East Harling and a Westfield owner from Ipswich and gave them some information on the club, so we may gain them as members in the future.

I also talked to a couple in a NG and tried to get them to join the club until they told me they live in Birmingham (well you cant knock a man for trying)


A must for next year’s events calendar, but we may have to pay next time.


Those present:

Paul Taylor, Paul Bellison, Martin Pidd, Roy and Sue Thomas, Fran Zbrozec and Steve Lister.