Local Events & Shows 2010

AS Motorsport open day

We were invited to the ASM open day. We have been invited in the past but have always had another event planned so were able to attend. ASM build replica Aston martin cars to a very high spec.


As you can see from the list of those that attended we made an impression on the organizers.

Andy the owner has a cobra and belongs to the Cobra replica club and we out ranked them by quite a few.

I left home hoping to arrive at the site for 11am, but the weather was so nice I decided to take a drive straight past and have a fifteen minute drive around the countryside in the area.

Alright, it was a pig of a job to find the place and I don’t think I was alone in driving around a bit.


The site is quite small but well worth a visit we got to see a chassis with a engine fitted and a body shell before it had been de-flashed etc. Unfortunately one car was away being sprayed.


The day was very much a social event we had several cars to look around, there was plenty of people to chat with including a few new faces. There was also tea, coffee, juice and burgers.


I will attend again next year if we are invited.


Those that attended:

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Andy Petrie Westfield

Dan Robertson & Ben Luego Locost

Steve Keay Westfield

Paul Thomson Robin Hood 2B

Festival of classics Helmingham hall

Thank you to those that attended today, I hope you all had a good time.

We had arranged to meet at Stonham barns and leave there together and therefore enter the show together to enable us to form a club area. This didn’t quite work out we got broken up leaving the barns and then at a few junctions along the way and finally while entering the show.

When I got parked up there was a few spare spaces behind me so I asked nicely if these spaces could be saved, and was granted me wish, also we added cars to the end of the row.

14 cars all together we were later joined by another member, making 15 cars on our stand the best we can boast at this show

Apart from a very little shower early in the day we had good weather all day.

It was nice to catch up with a few faces at the show.

A very good selection of cars was present at the show and the speed runs made for a good show. It’s a shame the organizers can’t do something about the hump and the raised centre to the road.

It was great to see that Dave is doing his bit for Help the Heroes, well done Dave

Those present

Kits (16)

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Mike & Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento V8

Andy and Michaela Petrie Westfield

Bob Rowell Robin Hood 2B

Paul Thompson Robin Hood 2B

Dan & Rosie Robertson Locost

Dominic Eaves & Dave Westfield

Graham Dockerill Robin Hood 2B

Steve Lister Slyva Fury

Robert Burton Midas

Malcolm Keeley Tiger R6

Nick Brown Tiger Super cat

Terry & Elaine Keeley Tiger E1

Dave FJ Tiger Avon

Steve Keay Westfield V8 (Parked with Piston Heads)

Tin tops (2)

Alan Bell

Emma Robertson

Kimbolton country Fayre

Thank you to those of you that attended this year.

It had been thought a couple of weeks before the show that we wouldn’t be attending this year due to the fact our normal source for the show tickets was unable to get any this year.

I thought I’ve got nothing to lose so found out the organizers contact details and contacted him directly myself, asking for 25 tickets. He in turn sent me 29 tickets.

Of these tickets we as a club have only ever use 10 at the most so the remaining 19 tickets needed a home a quick. Helen from the SG7 club took ten for her club members, still nine to find a home for. These were advertised on www.locostbuilders.co.uk and the RHOCAR forum.

I’m glad I took these decisions, we set the pitch up as the East Anglian kit car club (Well that’s what the tickets said) we had a very good turnout of cars from all the various clubs around the region, and a good variety of kits as well.

Strange as it may seem all of the cars attending form the EAKCC this year were Robin Hoods, apart from my Luego. Debbie and I meet three members at Thetford and then another at Newmarket and off we set to the show running a bit later than I had hoped. We meet Derek and Marilyn at Stow Longa as arranged previously and reached the show at 10.

The show now in its nineteenth year was very much as previous years, however the main arena displays had been changed.

Due to the excellent weather and forecast the attendance of most car clubs was greater than in the past.

A good drive home was the end to an excellent weekend.

Members cars at the show.

Martin & Debbie Pidd Luego Velocity XT EAKCC

Bob Rowell Robin Hood 2B EAKCC

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B EAKCC

Alan & Dawn Brighten Robin Hood 2B EAKCC

Richard Parcell Robin Hood 2B EAKCC

Derek and Marilyn Overfield Robin Hood 2B RHOCAR

Alan Rowe and Pauline Lotus Elise SG7

Peter Bell Robin Hood S7 SG7

Glyn Rust Robin Hood Super spec Essex kit car club & RHOCAR

Peter & Linda Kelleher Luego Velocity Locostbuilders .co.uk

Ian Harrison Quantum Xtreme Locostbuilders .co.uk

John Ashpole Luego Velocity XT Locostbuilders .co.uk

David Moloney Locost Locostbuilders .co.uk

Gavin Cocks  ??? Essex kit car club

Kev (Madteg) Locost Locostbuilders .co.uk

Trev (Trev D) Locost Locostbuilders .co.uk

Simon & James Kirby Luego Viento SG7

Nigel Bartram, JBA FALCON SG7

John & Helen Tween Westfield SG7  (Parked with the WSCC)

Laxfield fun Day/Fete

We as a club were invited to this village fun day which was actually just the afternoon.

We were asked to arrive at 1.30 and we departed at 4.30.

It was a most enjoyable afternoon with lovely sunshine all the time we were there, although it was a bit windy as well.

Most of us enjoyed a cup of hot drink and a cake of some sort I opted for a cream tea with real strawberries.

There was various shows and displays during the afternoon including a car having its roof removed by a Suffolk Fire and rescue team and Peter Purvis of Blue Peter fame being rescued from the car, a kite display (a bit too windy for some of this) A horticultural show, Punch & Judy, Vintage/sports & Kit cars, Prince & Princess competition, Circus skills, A few trade stall a BBQ and Beer tent.

Well worth the visit for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Those that attended from are club were;

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Bob Rowell & Nicky Taylor   Robin Hood 2B

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Mark Clarke & father in law Robin Hood 3A

Fran & Hilary Zbrozek Robin Hood 2B

Christen Hassler Midas

Norfolk Gala Day

Thanks to all that attended today. I hope you all had a great day? I certainly did.

The weather was almost perfect being sunny with a cool breeze.

Thanks for all being at the meeting point at Bawburgh before 9 am; this helped to make the journey into the showground easy.

Next year we will park the cars in two rows on the sides of the pitch to give the general public a better look at the cars, and maybe encourage them to get a bit closer to us and have a chat.

I’ve had one new member contact me and join so far, because he saw us at the show.

It was nice to again see a lot of family members present on the site.

It was a bit of a day for Bob; He arrived at the show in his Robin Hood, for the last time and left with a brown bag full of money. Bob had sold his Robin Hood during the week. The new owner who lives in Hull came and picked it up from the show.


Roll on next year.

Those present

Kits (17)

Mark Clarke Robin Hood 3A

Paul & Sue Spurgeon Westfield

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell Robin Hood 2B

Fran & Hilary Zbrozek Robin Hood 2B

Dominic Eaves & Dave Westfield

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Alan & Dawn Brighton Robin Hood 2B

Sue & Roy Thomas Austin 10 4 Rod

Martin & Debbie Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Richard Strike Luego Velocity XT

Dean Welch Mk Indy

Michael Biddle Westfield

Nigel Farrow & Amanda Robin Hood 2B

Matt Tansley Westfield

Scott Hurkett Westfield Fw 400

Chris Clarke Mini Marcos (On the Norwich car club stand)

Tin tops

Diane Biddle.

Lucy, Luke, Alex. Welch

Ros and family

Nicky, kezia & Alec

The Strike family

Catherine Tansley & son.

Red Lodge Karting

12 members attended a karting session at Red lodge on the 24th Of October.

We had opted for the Mini grand prix on the 1200 mtr track

It all started well for the warm up heat and the first of the 7 lap races but then during the second race the rain came, this made an already slippery track almost un-driveable. The session continued until all four races and the final race were complete.

Trophies were awarded to the top three drivers of the day; they were in 3rd Andy Petrie, 2nd Craig Sharp and 1st Nick Brown.

All had a very good afternoon.

SG7 Camping Weekend

As a club Secretary/Chairman it is nice from time to time to attend an event without all the organisation and worries associated with arranging events. That is why it’s good for me to attend the camping weekends organized by Helen Tween of SG7 fame. www.sg7kitcars.co.uk

This year was the fourth of its kind held at Outney Meadow camping and Caravan Park at Bungay Suffolk. Unfortunately I was unable to attend until Saturday.

The weekend started for most of the party on Friday night. Their evening was nice and sunny and I’m told hot, but this soon changed to being cold. The evening was spent chatting and checking out the views.

I joined them on the Saturday morning, after a very welcome Coffee courtesy of Sue and Roy, I erected my tent and inflated my bed and I was set for the day ahead.

A convoy left the campsite at 10.30 for the 15 mile trip to the Carlton Colville transport museum. We all managed to stay together for the enjoyable drive. On arriving at the museum we found Dan waiting outside the gate with his car parked on the footpath, we were soon let into the car park. We were then joined by Paul and Dan Bellison.

We had a great time at the museum, travelling on trams and a trolley bus as well as a miniature railway, all with drivers and conductors dressed in authentic period costumes. Most also enjoyed a hot drink and a cake. There was also a fair amount of vehicles to take a look around.

The afternoon had no set plan to allow all to please themselves, some visited Lowestoft, and some Southold. I decided to go back to the campsite and visit Bungay by foot with Roy, Sue and Dan; it was a very pleasant afternoon, just chilling out.

The evening had a planned meal at the fleece pub In Bungay centre I enjoyed two pints and a very nice filling meal. After the meal we took the 10 minute walk back to the campsite, and then enjoyed the now traditional chat and a drink or two. The views from the river bank at dusk and during the night were absolutely astounding. Additional entertainment came when some bats appeared.

The next morning took most of us to the East Anglian Kit Car club monthly meeting at the Park Hotel Diss.

I would like to say a big thank you to Helen for a most enjoyable weekend.

Roll on next year.

SG7 Camping Pictures Gallery 2010

Thetford Fun Day

I was invited to attend the Thetford Youth day, the first of its kind, to raise money for the 1109 Air Training Corps Squadron and some other charities. I asked “if I can get any more volunteers should I bring more members and their cars” the answer was Yes please I asked if anyone else was willing or wanted to attend and I was very pleased that I had 10 members willing to bring their cars to the youth day, later this was to change to 11.

On the day things turned out to be a bit different as they often do, one member had specified that he would only attend if the weather was favourable, and of course the weather forecasters had predicted Rain.

Two more members e mailed me and pulled out, two just didn’t turn up and one unfortunately for him had running problems on the way and had to return home.

So the final contingent was only five of the original eleven. It was very unfortunate that the weather forecasters had got the weather correct and it did rain.

The show had started off very well with More than 1,000 people attending the event that welcomed families to a fun-packed day in Kilverstone and despite a wet afternoon, it was an overall success with more than £1,000 raised.

The show has been booked for May 29th next year and I have again entered us to display or cars.

Two Counties Motor Show

This Car Show brought together the motor trade, including car dealers from Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

The show also included classic/ specialist cars and vehicles in addition to some other attractions.

Organised by the Lions Clubs of Cambridge, Ely, and Newmarket, this is classed as East Anglia’s Premier Motor Show. The money raised at the show is donated to charity.

This year’s charities were The East Anglian air Ambulance, The Teenage Cancer trust and Cambridgeshire search and rescue.


On the day there was 12 dealers 17 club stands 22 privately exhibited vehicles and 22 stalls.

We as a club attended for the first time, not really knowing what to expect although we had been told that the show was worth a visit. I must admit that I had expected a bit more than was there, however was told by two different sources that the show was a lot smaller than previous years. Maybe due to the fact that the day clashed with several big sporting events World cup football (England V Germany), F1, Moto GP and Wimbledon.

Those of us that attended meet at the Newmarket services and enjoyed a 12 mile drive to the show at Rowley mile racecourse Newmarket in convoy; unfortunately we only had four cars on our stand plus one member’s car on another stand.  We created a lot of interest in kit cars, with an almost constant flow of people asking questions about our cars thought out the day.