Local Shows & Events 2011

AS Motorsport Open Day

We were again invited to the ASM open day. As last year the weather was perfect for the drive to the venue, I even drove there without my doors, which is very rare for me.

The day was pretty much like last year, but there were two cars in the workshop this time.

We had a few members attend as did the local Cobra owners club.

Those that attended from our club were:

Terry Keeley Tiger E1

Dave & Doreen Jones Banham Sprite

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Andy Petrie Westfield SEIW

Mike shearing Luego Viento

Brian Sebring

Cars on the Green

This event is our biggest event of the year we had 24 cars present this year we are only allowed 25 cars on our pitch so next year we may have to apply for two pitches.

The show was organized as normal to raise money for charities these were this year the MacMillan Cancer support, Help for heroes and the Thurston New green Centre.

We had a meeting point at Thetford Tesco; nine cars left Thetford for the second meeting point at Bury St Edmunds Tesco.

We had 19 cars leave Bury for the short trip to Thurston. After setting up we were joined by other members as they arrived at the show.

The show was a great success with nice weather conditions apart from a very strong wind and a drop of rain midday.

Thetford Tesco
Bury Tesco
At the show
My Favorite Car of the show

Those present.

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Alan & Dawn Brighton Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell Lotus Elise

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Terry Keeley Tiger E1

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Ross Miller Tiger E1

Nick Brown Tiger super cat

Nigel and Roz Robin Hood 2B

Mike and Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento

Andy & Michaela Petrie Westfield SEIW

Frank Boxall Hudson Trike

Paul Thompson Robin Hood 2B

Dominic Eaves Westfield SEI

Roy and Sue Thomas Austin A10 Rod

Dave and Sarah Mitsubishi GTO

Dave Watson Westfield SEIW

Malcolm Keeley Tiger R6

Grant and Heidi Stanley Tiger

Gary Simms Ford Escort MK2

Robert Burton Westfield SE

James Martindale Slyva Striker

Steve Lister Slyva fury

Simon Morris Pilgrim 3000

Classic Cars and Wheels

We had a very good turnout at the show this year.

Last year we had decided to attend the show following one of our area meetings, and we were very impressed with what we saw.

Paul Taylor reminded me at Newark about the show, so I looked it up and found we had a free day this year and we could attend the whole day, I therefore booked us in so we had our own pitch.

We had thirteen of our club cars on the club stand; these were lined up either side of the pitch which made an excellent display.

The weather was in our favour. The show was very well attended by those showing their cars and the general public.

Following the show I received a letter from the organizers, thanking us for attending and how they had lots of positive comments about our club and cars.

Well worth attending again next year.

Sorry no pictures were taken.

Those that attended:

Terry Keeley Tiger E1

Bob Rowell & Nicky Taylor Lotus Elise

Martin & Danny Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Malcolm Keeley Tiger R6

Dave Watson Westfield

Alan & Dawn Brighton Robin Hood

Andy & Michaela Petrie Westfield

Mike & Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Frank Boxall Hudson Trike

Dan Robertson Locost

Nick Brown Tiger

Steven Lister Fury

We were also joined by Emma, Rosie & Stanley Robertson

Kimbolton Country Fayre

Thank you to those of you that attended, I hope you enjoyed the day.

Chris Brown from the Robin Hood owners club applied for the tickets this year and we as a club were allocated 13 tickets. All of these were allocated to club members.

The remaining tickets went to the SG7 kit car group.

I arranged a meeting point at Newmarket services, 12 of us in 9 cars meet there and left just after 9am we were joined along the route by two more club members the remaining two joined us at the venue.

The journey to the event was good and we didn’t have to cue for too long.

Once we reach our stand we had the normal confusion with cars parked in our spot, these were cleared and we were able to park up. Soon there were more and more cars arriving until the whole area was full of Kit cars, I don’t know if they all had tickets but there was a lot more than 27 cars present.

The show was great with a lots very nice cars, the weather was great to start the day, but clouded over around lunchtime and started to rain at 2.30, this caused a lot of people to leave. The rain lasted for a while but the sun came out again. We had a pleasant drive home however the roads were very busy.

Those present from our club.

Martin & Debbie Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Bob Rowell & Roy Thomas Lotus Elise

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Richard Parcell & Shelia Robin Hood 2B

Dave Jones Banham sprite

Becky Percival Luego Viento

Dominic Eaves Westfield SE

Mike & Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento

Andy & Michaela Petrie Westfield SEIW

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Paul Bradshaw Robin Hood Zero

Dave Watson Westfield SEIW

Martyn Bailey Robin Hood

Macmillan's Nurses 100th Anniversary

We were asked by the organizers of this event if we could put on a show of some of cars.

This was a small affair with a car boot sale, craft fair and a few classic cars, Lotuses, tractors and our cars.

All in the name of Charity.

We had a good response and showed eight of our cars at the event.

Those that attended had a good day until the weather turned a bit nasty. Thank you to those that attended.

Those present:

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Alan & Dawn Brighton Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell Lotus Elise

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Terry Keeley Tiger E1

Mark Clarke Robin hood 3A

Les Spartan

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Norwich Classic Vehicle Club Old Car Show & Fun Day

We have been asked to attend this show for the last couple of years, but it has always clashed with other events.

Two of our members had said that it was well worth a visit and as we had no other event planned, we attended as a club.

The meeting point was arranged at PC world for 9.15am.

There was a good turnout of cars with eleven cars leaving together for the event a few miles down the road.

It was especially nice that four of these cars were new members that had joined the club in the last two weeks; one had only joined the day before.

We arrived at the show to be ushered in by Mark Clarke one of our members who was part of the events organizing team. We set up the club area and were soon joined by others.

In total we had fifteen of our club cars on display three of these on the Norwich Classic car club stand as they are members of both clubs.

The day was great with lots of cars to look at from the old to the new.

There was also a disco playing, a fun fair for the kids and a few stall and Charity making activities.

We were asked to take are cars into the main arena at 1pm. Mike started us off when he was invited to do some doughnuts before we entered.

Mark offered to do a talk on the cars as we drove around, well done Mark.

Later in the day due to my absents Mike ended up in the stocks (all in the name of charity as they say)

All in all it was a great day out. Roll on next year.

PC World
At the Show
All in the name of Charity

Those present.

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Alan & Dawn Brighton Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell Lotus Elise

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Mike and Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento

Mark Clarke Robin hood 3A

Trevor & Jean Jackman Robin Hood Zero

Lee Jackman & Alastair Cameron MK Indy

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Paul & Diane Fiveash Tiger Super six

Neil Myhill Robin Hood 2B

Les 2x Spartans

Steve Johnson Locust

Norfolk Gala Day

Thanks to all that attended today.

The weather forecasters had put several members off attending today.

We had 22 cars booked but ended up with 18 in attendance which was one more than last year so not too bad.

We meet at Bawburgh as previous years and got into the show without any cueing.

We parked the cars in two rows one on either side of the pitch to give the general public a better look at the cars.

As always it was nice to again see a lot of family members present on the site.

The weather wasn’t too bad in the end. The roads were wet for me on my journey to the show. It remained dry and sunny until 3pm when we had a small shower. I left the show at 4.30 and encountered several showers on the way home.

I was a bit disappointed with the show this year it didn’t seem to have a much going on and there seemed to be less cars in attendance

All in rows

Time to wash off the road dirt.

I can get in Roy's car

The sun is back out

Just a short shower

Those present


Kits (18)

Mark Clarke Robin Hood 3A

Paul & Maria Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Bob Rowell Lotus Elise

Fran & Hilary Zbrozek Robin Hood 2B

Dominic Eaves & Dave Tumbling Westfield

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Alan & Dawn Brighton Robin Hood 2B

Sue & Roy Thomas Dooster

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Richard Strike Luego Velocity XT

Nigel Farrow & Ros Robin Hood 2B

Mike Shearing Luego Viento V8

Andy & Michaela Petrie Westfield

Dave Watson Westfield

Steve & Josh Johnson Locost

Dan & Emma Robertson Luego Locost

Paul & Diane Fiveash Tiger super 6

Chris Clarke Mini Marcos (On the Norwich car club stand)

Tin tops

Ros’s family

Nicky, kezia

The Strike family

St George's Day Run

Fakenham Auto Club invited us to join them for their annual St George's Day run on Sunday 17th April.

Unfortunately only Neville and I were able to attend.

The day started with a 10am meeting at Fakenham race course, where tea, coffee and biscuits were provided.

I had initially been apprehensive about attending the event in a modern sports car rather than a classic or kit car, but I needn't have worried, I was the 3rd car to arrive, the first two were an MGB V8, and a Ford Ka cabrio (yes really). 

Over the next hour or so the gathering grew, with cars as diverse as Nev's 1935 Morris Eight, a Tri-king, a Bentley Turbo, and a Citroen C3.

Much like Martin at our own meetings the organiser Mike Tomlin, made a point of greeting everyone.  He, and all members of the Fakenham club, made us most welcome.

At 11.15, with the provided St George's Cross prominently displayed, our convoy of 25 were waved off to start the first leg of the run, to Holkham Hall.  The pace was quite brisk with no hanging around - just like a run should be. 

On arrival at Holkham we were directed past the public car parks and onto the lawn right outside the hall - complete with Fakenham A C signs. 

 (I thought it to be Very thoughtful organised.)

After lunch in the cafe, or picnics for some, we mounted up again and headed out for a very pleasant run up to Sandringham, tops down, sun shining - perfect.

Arriving at Sandringham we once again followed the club signs onto a reserved, grassed area very near to the cafe/shops etc, where the cars could be prominently displayed.  We were immediately surrounded by crowds of people admiring the cars and posing for photo's.

We spent the next couple of hours just loafing around, enjoying the weather, eating (again), making small talk with the club members and generally recuperating from the hazardous journey we had undertaken to reach our destination.

With a final thank-you to our hosts, and after collecting our attendance certificates I had a fairly swift, and very entertaining, drive home on some of the excellent back roads of Norfolk.

All in all a brilliant and enjoyable day out, which I hope to, attend again next year.



Bob and Nev’s cars at Sandringham

Fakenham Auto Club at Holkham hall

FAC at Holkham hall

             FAC at Sandringham

Jags old and new at Sandringham

Stunning scenery at Holkham

The Skylark Vintage, Country and Airshow

I don’t normally feel disappointed after a show but this show was the exception to the rule, I was very disappointed and felt conned by the organizer.

The website and e mails I received told of a massive showground with a lot of interesting displays and an air show.

What we found was a very large show ground half covered by a car boot sale and most of the other half covered in caravans.

There were cars, tractors, steam engines. But No air show what so ever.

We drove around the show ground and ended our journey when I couldn’t see any more space and ended up in a poor spot. I was so disappointed already; I didn’t even put up the club banner.

After our long journey to the show most wanted to visit the toilet, we found the toilet block to be blocked (later to be unblocked) and had to leave the show to visit four portable loos outside the gate. (Supplied for the car booters)

None of the toilets I visited had toilet paper and the portable I visited had no water or hand cleaner.

To make matters worse the weather turned wet as the forecast, this got very heavy as the afternoon went on.

I had neglected to put the gazebo up for which I apologise as a lot of us got wet, when maybe we wouldn’t have.

On a plus or two we had ten cars attend the show and the company was great as normal. Mike had a play in a new toy and the drive to and from the show was enjoyable.

Meeting at Sradsett Foldgate inn

Our pitch at the show
Catapult of interest
Mike trying his hand at a steam roller

Thetford Youth Day

We were again invited to attend the Thetford Youth day; this was the second year it has been hosted to raise money for the 1109 Air Training Corps Squadron and some other charities.

The event was a bit bigger than last year and the weather stay kind to us all day, although there was a strong wind.

This year we had eight cars present.

Thank you to those that attended and contributed to the event.

Meeting at Thetford Tesco

The show
A very nice Morgan that parked with us
Frank's lunch box

Trevor's kit complete with stickers

Those present.

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2B

Terry Keeley Tiger E1

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Frank Boxall Hudson Trike

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Richard Strike Luego Velocity XT

Trevor Willet F27

Other 2011 Events

Easton Park
Holt Vintage Day