Local Shows & Events 2012-13


As time goes on and we as a club attend more and more shows each year and my time becomes more and more limited. I have almost stopped doing write ups. In these busy times, I take photographs at the event and post them in the Photo Gallery and our Facebook Page

Elmswell Autumn Fayre.

Report on Elmswell Autumn Fayre (Sun 1 Sep): Weather: cool breeze, occasional sun through thickest clouds. Took place on playing field adjacent to Community centre. About 50+ classic cars of all ages from pre-war Rover& Austin 7, couple of Riley’s, Ford Anglia’s & Prefects to Mustang, Rovers, Capri’s, plus couple of tractors and about 10 motorcycles. I was only kit-car, plenty of interest not just from kids! Other entertainment included small fun fair and some boot sale stalls, various charities stalls (ferret rescue, RSPCA), dog agility displays, marching/dancing girls, craft fair and display of old radios &gramophones in community centre, and live music from a stage on a trailer. Usual (few) food stalls - hog roast, fish & chips, burgers.

Fran Zbrozek

Norwich Classic Vehicle Club Old Car Show and Fun Day

Great weather,great company,great day out with appoximatly 30 club cars in attendance on the day

Other 2013 Events

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Buxhall Fete
Cars by the lake
Holt Vintage Day
Journey Through the Ages, Palgrave
Kimbolton Country Fayre
Norwich Charity Car Show
Strumpshaw Seam Musuem
Watton Town Team “People’s Choice Car Show


Classic, Kit & Performance Show (Old Warden)

We as a club were invited to a new show to be called the Classic, Kit and performance show.

This was advertised as a new show, but after a bit of research you soon find that it is the old classic car show that has been renamed to encourage more cars from different categories.

The ad stated that all the kit car manufacturers had been sent an invite to come and show/sell their cars for free, foolishly I had assumed a lot of them would attend as it wasn’t going to cost them, and unfortunately I was wrong, there was only one kit car manufacturer present on the day.


As a club I had sent out an invite to all members and I had taken names from 18 members to attend, as the date approached 3 members had to cancel.

I meet some members at the Newmarket BP services, the others that already had their tickets going directly to the show. The others that I had met at Newmarket and I had a good drive to the show, the drive took us through some very nice looking villages along the way.


On arriving at the show I was a bit put out by the speed humps at the entrance and along the short route to the show ground. I caught my sump on the first hump, managed to cross the second without incident, but then caught my exhaust on the third. We manage to leave the showground via a different route and only had one speed hump to negotiate which I did without incident.


We eventually had 14 club cars attend another member had failed to attend. But we were joined by a few members of the SG7 kit car club, this boasted our ranks enough that we had more kit cars on our pitch than there was kit cars at the rest of the show.

When I arrived I was informed that we were required to take our cars into the main arena at 12 o’clock, and one of our members was needed to do a commentary, you can guess who had been nominated for this role.

Shortly after arriving we erected the event shelter and at 11o’clock I held our club meeting.

You couldn’t knock the organizer for his enthusiasm; he came around the show ground talking to a lot of those displaying their cars.

He asked me if I would take my car into the main area and talk about it and kit cars in general, this I did and I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

My little show was followed by a make as much noise as you can out of your exhaust display, some big muscle cars housing V8’s entered the arena and made a far bit of noise as you can imagine

Following this most members present drove their cars into the arena, Frank having to drive one of his cars in first and then going back to our pitch to get the second car.

Again I had to do a bit of talking, followed by the in-house announcer asking those present a lot of questions about their cars and why they owned a kit car etc.

The afternoon continued with awards being presented for various car classes including kit cars and the best car at show.

Frank was the only one of our members to take his car to be judged and the best kit car award was won by a very nicely presented Dax Rush.

For a change the weather was very good to us all day.

So how was the show?

Well not too bad, but I must say I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t quite what I had expected at the show.

I did have a very good day though made even better by spending some time with our club members and those from the SG7 club.

Those present

Kits (14)

Mike Oldham Locost

Dominic Eaves & Dave Westfield

Mike Brain Robin Hood Hood

Lee Reed& Kyle Robin Hood 2B+

Dave & Noreen Jones Banham Sprite

Martin Pidd Luego Velocity XT

Frank Boxall Hudson X2

Steve & Sally Johnson Quantum H4i

Malcolm Potts Robin hood 2b+


Mike Dunne Robin Hood 2b+

Alan & Josh Murfitt Robin Hood 2b+

Paul Taylor Robin Hood 2b+

Mike Ramsdale Locost

We also had a few members of the SG7 club join our ranks.


Apologies (3)

Mike & Lorraine Shearing Luego Viento

Bob Rowell Lotus Elise

Andy and Michaela Petrie Westfield

Buxhall Fete

I couldn'’t attend the fete this year but the East Anglian Kit Car club had another strong presents at the event, with seven cars in attendance for the event.

The three wise men try out Frank's Hudsons for size
Club cars in a row


This year’s event was titled Spitfires, Merlins, and Motors

Originally I had taken names from 18 members to show their cars, this number rose to 21. But soon dropped as members had to pull out due to various reasons, and of course the weather forecast had said heavy rain showers through the day.

The result was we had 11 cars present.

Most of us had drove to the event in the sunshine and enjoyed a sunny day, all day apart from an hour of rain from 12 until 1.

It was a very good day indeed with seven spitfires present and we were treated to a few flying displays during the day.

Unfortunately the battle of Britain flight was cancelled.

Other 2012 Events

AS Motorsport Open Day
Cars by the lake
Holt Vintage Day
Kimbolton Country Fayre
JBA Open day
Norwich Classic Vehicle Club Old Car Show and Fun Day